New Whitepaper Introduces New Revenue Generation Process for Business-to-Business (B2B) Companies

Sharon, Massachusetts, April 29, 2013 — A new revenue generation process that drives sales and profitability for business-to-business (B2B) companies has been introduced in a new free whitepaper, “Understanding the New Revenue Generation Process: How to Ignite Demand for Your B2B Brand.” The paper, from integrated marketing agency Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., is available to download here.

“Jump starting growth is possible in a lukewarm economy. But business as usual won’t get it done. It must be ignited by a new way of thinking; one that builds initiatives around business outcomes, not marketing activities. And those outcomes must emphasize revenue generation to be relevant in a successful growth strategy,” said Rick Whitmyre, Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc. president, and author of the paper.

“While specific marketing tactics can achieve results, they are focused on transactions, and individually, do not build customer relationships or stimulate growth. B2B marketers must blend process with technology to continually drive revenue in a highly measurable way.

“At Tiziani Whitmyre (TW), we call this approach the “revenue generation” process. Not a series of marketing tactics or projects, the process synthesizes best-practice technologies, tools, and strategies to create a holistic approach for sustained customer engagement and revenue growth. It is a highly efficient process — maximizing resources and eliminating waste,” Whitmyre said.

The new revenue generation model consists of five steps that operate as a continuous process:

  • Step 1: Content Development
  • Step 2: Promotion
  • Step 3: Web-to-Lead Conversion
  • Step 4: Lead Nurturing and Scoring
  • Step 5: Analytics and Evaluation

The white paper details each of the steps in how-to fashion. Examples demonstrate the real-life results achieved by B2B companies that employ the new process.

“The five-step process provides a simple framework to organize the multiple tactics and elements employed by most B2B marketing teams. It facilitates coordination and collaboration with the sales department, and bridges the gap that exists when leads are passed on for sales closure. In addition, the process helps simplify the application of today’s complex digital technologies — making it much easier to select the digital channels and analytics that support revenue growth,” Whitmyre explained.

“The new revenue generation process gives B2B marketing leaders the opportunity to own and drive business results in a highly effective and measurable way. Now, CMOs can own out-of-period revenue, and calculate their true contribution to the income statement,” he said.

Download the new free whitepaper, “Understanding the New Revenue Generation Process: How to Ignite Demand for Your B2B Brand.”

The brief is the latest publication in the agency’s “Strategic Marketing Series” of management briefs and white papers.

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Gravius Joins Tiziani Whitmyre as Account Executive

SHARON, Mass. – October 24, 2012 – Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc. (TW), a Boston-area advertising, public relations, and Internet marketing firm, announced today that Justin Gravius has joined the company as an account executive. Gravius will be responsible for supporting TW’s life science and B2B accounts with planning, writing, and project management.

“TW’s focus on developing new demand generation programs for our B2B clients is driving the growth of our business,” said Rick Whitmyre, TW president. “Gravius’ combination of public relations, account service, and media experience makes him an ideal candidate to further our clients’ revenue generation and brand-building efforts.”

Gravius previously was an account executive at Loomis Group PR in Boston, working on the Fresenius Health Care account. He also was a photojournalist with television news operations in Albany and Syracuse, New York. Gravius graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with a bachelor of arts degree in communications.

About Tiziani Whitmyre
Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc. ( is a Boston-area-based marketing services agency that builds brands, generates sales leads, and delivers an ROI that maximizes the payback on any marketing communications budget. Services include Internet marketing (including search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, web design), public relations (PR), advertising, direct marketing, graphic design, and corporate branding strategy.

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Tiziani Whitmyre Client Howard Leight Receives ISHN Advertising Excellence Award

SHARON, Mass. – June 12, 2011 – Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., a Boston-area interactive marketing, advertising, and public relations firm, announced today that Howard Leight®/Honeywell Safety Products, an agency client, has been honored with an Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN) Advertising Excellence Award.

Its advertisement, titled “VeriPRO®: Fit for the real world,” was honored for its high level of recognition, recall, and content based on a study of ISHN readers.

Howard Leight is a leading global provider of passive and intelligent hearing protection solutions. The ad features a hardworking factory employee wearing hearing protection, and reminded readers how the Howard Leight VeriPRO earplug fit testing system makes it easy for employers to get an accurate, real-world picture of their employees’ hearing protection effectiveness.

Nearly three-fourths (73%) of the respondents who indicated purchasing influence in the Safety Products category recalled noticing the advertisement. Readers scored the ad high in all key criteria — being informative; having a positive impact on readers’ impression of the company; influencing readers to more likely recommend the company; and addressing a current information need or want of readers.

Renee S. Bessette, COHC, Global Brand Manager for Howard Leight/Honeywell Safety Products, praised Tiziani Whitmyre for the agency’s “creative contributions and strategy for our integrated media plan. We have come a long way in gaining mindshare — and programs — of safety and hearing conservation professionals.”

Bob Tiziani, Chief Executive Officer, Tiziani Whitmyre, said the award “once again demonstrates the results of a strong strategic, collaborative client partnership; an innovative product; and imaginative creative presentation to influence audience acceptance and drive positive behavior.”

About Tiziani Whitmyre
Tiziani Whitmyre ( is a Boston area marketing services agency that builds brands, generates sales leads, and delivers a measurable ROI for its clients’ marketing communications budget. Services include public relations (PR), Internet marketing (including search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and Web design), advertising, direct marketing, graphic design, and corporate branding strategy.

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Tiziani Whitmyre Clients Win Marcom Awards for Marketing Excellence

SHARON, Mass. – December 2, 2010 – Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., a Boston-area interactive marketing, advertising, and public relations firm, announced today that two clients were recognized with Marcom Awards from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. The awards are granted for outstanding creative achievement.

The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, an organization committed to advancing the development of critical new science, technology and medicines that benefit people worldwide, won a Platinum Award in the Pro Bono category for its MassBio Corporate Branding program. According to the organization, “The new logo represents our strength as an organization, in connecting and convening, in bringing together industry leaders to teach and to learn. Most importantly, it represents the future of the industry and the hope it creates for patients around the world.” To learn more, visit

ASCO Numatics (, the world’s leading manufacturer of comprehensive fluid automation, flow control, and pneumatics solutions, received a Gold Award in the Magazine/Ads category for its corporate branding ads. The customer-focused ads were the centerpiece of a branding campaign that positioned the company around its competitive advantages of product reliability and customer speed and responsiveness.

“These awards recognize the powerful results that can be achieved through successful collaborations with our client partners,” said Bob Tiziani, chief executive officer, Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc. “In each instance, the development and positioning of a compelling brand clearly define their respective organizations in a competitive marketplace.”

Almost 5,000 entries from throughout the United States and several foreign countries were submitted in this year’s competition. The Platinum and Gold Awards were presented to those judged to be the most outstanding and exhibit standards that exceeded the industry norm.

About Tiziani Whitmyre
Tiziani Whitmyre ( is a Boston area-based marketing services and strategies agency that builds brands, generates sales leads, and delivers an ROI which maximizes payback on any marketing communications budget. Services include public relations (PR) services, Internet marketing online (including search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, web design), advertising, direct marketing, graphic design, and corporate branding strategy.

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Harvest Time Bread Company Utilizes Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc. for Branding, Internet Marketing, Public Relations Services

SHARON, Mass. – July 19, 2010 – Harvest Time Bread Company, a leading producer of a wide variety of breads, rolls, whole grain and organic products, is utilizing Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc. as its corporate branding, Internet marketing, and public relations services partner.

Tiziani Whitmyre (, is a Boston-area interactive marketing and public relations services agency that helps business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing and technology-based companies to build brands, gather sales leads, and generate an ROI which maximizes payback on marketing communications budgets.

Harvest Time Bread Company ( is the proud maker of high-quality bakery products for grocers and food service companies across the U.S. Harvest Time specializes in artisan, European, and all-natural breads; distinctive sandwich rolls; and whole-grain and organic offerings. The company maintains facilities in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and Mount Airy, North Carolina, U.S.A. Backed by a heritage of more than 25 years of distinguished baking, Harvest Time Bread Company was established in its present form in 2005. The company recently announced a $4.5 million investment to expand its bakery operations in the Southeastern U.S.

Tiziani Whitmyre recently completed a wide-ranging brand image makeover for Harvest Time that included corporate branding, packaging, and a newly designed and optimized website. Tiziani Whitmyre will continue to promote Harvest Time product and service offerings to national and regional food service companies, restaurants, grocery stores, and retail chains around the U.S. through a variety of Internet marketing and ongoing public relations (PR) campaign.

About Tiziani Whitmyre
Tiziani Whitmyre ( is a Boston area-based marketing services and strategies agency that builds brands, generates sales leads, and delivers an ROI which maximizes payback on any marketing communications budget. Services include public relations (PR) services, Internet marketing online (including search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, web design), advertising, direct marketing, graphic design, and corporate branding strategy.

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Tiziani Whitmyre Releases White Paper On Performance Advertising Benefits for B2B Marketers

SHARON, MASS. – April 5, 2010 – TW Networks, a division of Boston-based marketing services firm Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., has released a white paper that introduces the benefits of performance advertising for B2B marketers. The paper, “Performance Advertising: How B2B Marketers Can Benefit from a New Pay-for-Performance Strategy,” explores how this new model exceeds the capabilities of traditional advertising for companies focused on lead generation and demand creation.

“The paper reviews how performance advertising changes the whole dynamic of online advertising,” said Rick Whitmyre, TW Networks president. “Instead of purchasing ad space based upon desired locations and ad frequency, marketers now can buy actual results.”

The paper defines the performance advertising model, reviews its strengths and applications, and provides case studies of companies that have successfully employed the strategy. It also discusses how the approach enhances marketing measurement and evaluation.

“In the paper, we describe how performance advertising provides marketers with insights that surpass traditional Web metrics — enabling measurements such as qualified lead generation and prospect conversion rates. These metrics permit marketers to perform real-time campaign customization and more accurate ROI calculation,” said Whitmyre.

Download a free copy of “Performance Advertising: How B2B Marketers Can Benefit from a New Pay-for-Performance Strategy” at: or call 781-793-9380.

About TW Networks
TW Networks ( is the leader in online business-to-business (B2B) performance advertising. It is the only marketing firm that operates performance-based B2B networks reaching markets such as industrial automation and processing, OEM manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, utilities, oil and gas, logistics and supply chain, and electronics. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that covers every step of the performance marketing process, including network and campaign development, commission structures, publisher and advertiser recruitment, network management, and creative services, plus campaign analytics, measurement, and optimization.

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New Management Brief Names 2010 B2B Marketing Trends

Sharon, Massachusetts, March 8, 2010 – Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc. has released a new management brief that identifies the five key trends that will shape marketing tactics in the year ahead. Entitled “B2B Trends 2010: Marketing Strategies for a Recovering Economy,” the brief explores the drivers that will enable marketers to reignite growth and profitability.

The management brief is available to download from

“The past year’s adversities have fostered a heightened resourcefulness, driving us to discover new marketing tactics that are more effective, lower cost, and highly measurable,” said Rick Whitmyre, Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc. president and author of the brief. “As we support clients trying to do more with less, interesting trends are emerging that promise exciting new opportunities for success.”

The brief discusses five trends that will influence B2B marketing strategies in 2010:

  1. We will embrace inbound as well as outbound marketing
  2. Social media will drive real value for B2B businesses
  3. Lead nurturing programs will accelerate sales conversion
  4. Lead scoring and marketing scorecards will enhance qualification and improve ROI measurement
  5. Marketers will budget for results, not programs

“These trends promise exceptional opportunities for B2B companies that want to jump start growth and capture market share,” said Whitmyre. “Leveraging their power will build brands, capture leads, and convert them to sales at efficiencies deemed unimaginable only a few years ago.”

To download the management brief, visit

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Tiziani Whitmyre Releases ROI Marketing 2.0 White Paper

SHARON, MASS. – February 1, 2010 – Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., a Boston-area marketing services firm, has released a white paper that explains how ROI Marketing strategies can be applied to accelerate, measure, and optimize demand generation. The paper, ROI Marketing 2.0: The Opportunity for Growth in a Recovering Economy, discusses how best-practice companies have used the process to achieve dramatic results in capturing new prospects and building sales across a wide range of B2B markets.

“B2B companies are demanding easy-to-implement marketing strategies that employ today’s powerful Internet-driven technologies to boost lead generation and accelerate sales conversion in highly measurable ways,” said Rick Whitmyre, president, Tiziani Whitmyre, and the paper’s author. “Over the last 3 years, we have implemented the ROI Marketing process with many of our clients. This white paper reviews the evolution of the approach and highlights the many lessons we’ve learned along the way,” said Whitmyre.

The paper discusses how the process embraces the B2B prospect’s thirst for knowledge by using content marketing as a way to stimulate prospect response. It also describes ROI Marketing’s four-step framework:

  • Lead acquisition
  • Lead nurturing
  • Measurement
  • Optimization

Two case studies are included.

Download a free copy of “ROI Marketing 2.0: The New Opportunity in a Recovering Economy” at: or call 781-793-9380.

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Tiziani Whitmyre Rebrands Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

SHARON, MASSACHUSETTS, October 7, 2009 – Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., a Boston-area marketing services firm, has completed a brand development and corporate identity program for the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio).

MassBio used Tiziani Whitmyre’s brand development process and design services to create a logo and brand color palette that embodied the organization’s new strategic vision and direction.

“The new brand identity supports the new strategic direction of the organization as laid out by our 2015 Report,” said Robert K. Coughlin, President and Chief Executive Officer, MassBio. “It also better reflects our commitment to improve and evolve to best meet our members’ needs. We are an organization that convenes and connects, that brings together industry leaders to teach and learn. Our new branding represents and communicates these attributes. It gives us a recognizable and memorable new brand identity that will support the achievement of our goals in the years ahead,” Coughlin said.

“Life sciences is a major driver of economic growth in our state as well as in the quality of life for people around the world,” said Rick Whitmyre, president of Tiziani Whitmyre. “In accepting this assignment, we recognized that MassBio’s new corporate identity must be as powerful as the organization’s new vision and mission.”

Incorporating a stylized icon that suggests molecular structure, Tiziani Whitmyre created a mark that reflects MassBio’s biotechnology focus, plus suggests its unique attributes of connection, networking, and advocacy.

“When the logo is combined with the new blue, green, and yellow color palette, the brand identity embraces the optimism and vibrancy of the industry plus the ideals and values of the organization,” said Whitmyre.

Tiziani Whitmyre executed the new corporate identity across business materials (business card, letterhead, envelope, and PowerPoint template), Website, and organization publications. A corporate identity style guide was produced to ensure disciplined application of the brand across all future business and marketing services materials.

To view the new logo, visit

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TW Solutions Introduces LeadManager Solution

SHARON, Mass.August 18, 2009 – TW Solutions, a division of Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc., today introduced its LeadManager™ solution – simple, fast, and inexpensive software that helps sales and marketing teams capture, manage, and close sales leads.

LeadManager is the only lead management solution that has out-of-the-box integration with a company’s Web site and automates the tracking of the prospect’s digital behavior. Its robust database captures click-data from Web forms, landing pages, and outbound email campaigns. LeadManager also records a prospect’s Web site browsing activity in real time and records it in their lead profile.

“We developed LeadManager as an alternative to complex customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that are cumbersome to install and integrate, complicated to learn, difficult to use, and expensive to own,” said Bob Tiziani, Chief Executive Officer of TW Solutions. “Our solution is ideal for sales and marketing groups desiring fast, easy set up, a simple interface, and very low cost. It offers many features not found in much costlier alternatives.”

For example, LeadManager’s logs all of the prospect’s online contact with the company. “This enables the analysis of a lead’s digital behavior to reveal their areas of interest, role in the buying process, and readiness to buy — powerful data that help accelerate the sales cycle,” said Tiziani.

Microtest Laboratories Announced as Launch Customer

TW Solutions announced that Microtest Laboratories (, a leading provider of life sciences testing and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, is the launch customer for the LeadManager solution. Microtest’s sales and marketing team is using the solution to capture sales leads, analyze their online behavior, manage outbound email marketing campaigns, and log and coordinate sales contact.

“LeadManager enabled us to quickly start up an integrated sales and marketing program that has improved our capability to acquire, qualify, and close sales leads,” said Tammy Richter, vice president, marketing, Microtest Laboratories. “Now, our sales people are notified in real time when leads are captured on our Web site. They can view the prospect’s browsing activity and immediately qualify their interest. In addition, LeadManager adds accountability to the process since all leads are assigned to specific sales representatives for follow-up and conversion,” said Richter.

LeadManager’s core functionality includes sales contact logging; custom database searches, sorts, and filters; email list exports; and reporting tools. The solution is sold as a service and only requires a Web browser and broadband Internet access.

For more information or live demo, contact 781-793-9389 or visit:

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