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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Advanced Instruments Introduces Delta CombiScope FTIR 600 Dairy Analyzer, Fastest and Most Accurate Dairy Analyzer on the Market at the Lowest Cost

Advanced Instruments’ subsidiary, Delta Instruments, delivers the new CombiScope FTIR 600, developed specifically for the high-speed needs of large dairy processors, dairy herd improvement laboratories, and payment laboratories.

 NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, February 23, 2012 – Advanced Instruments, Inc., recently introduced the Delta Instruments CombiScope™ FTIR 600 at the North American Lab Managers Association (NALMA) Workshop and QCS Advisory Meeting in Vancouver, Canada. The CombiScope 600 is the fastest and most accurate dairy analyzer on the market today for analysis of cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo milk. The system consists of two high-throughput analyzers — the LactoScope™ FTIR 600, for measuring chemical composition, and the SomaScope™ LFC 600, for counting somatic cells in raw milk, both at speeds of 600 samples per hour.

“Our vision has always been to provide dairy producers with the most innovative, cost effective, and easy-to-use instrumentation,” said Kevin Coltey, Sales and Technical Support, Advanced Instruments. “The CombiScope 600 is designed to be the most accurate and fastest analyzer available. This is an extremely powerful system that will improve laboratory profits by eliminating costs and delivering accurate results every time.”

The Delta Instruments CombiScope 600 brings exciting new features and benefits to the dairy processing and testing lab:

  • Sampling system motors have been eliminated. An electro-magnetic sampling system powers throughput without friction and wear of parts. The sampling system uses IR and acoustic sensors to monitor sample temperature, condition, and volume without touching the milk.
  • A patented interferometer, the heart of the analyzer’s spectrophotometer, is covered by a lifetime warranty. This system uses no moving parts, which ensures complete calibration transfer without the need to realign using expensive consumables. No other system offers this solution.
  • Unique, patented Direct Temperature Control of cell eradicates the effects of sample temperature variation.
  • LED light source is expected to last for the lifetime of the system and never needs gains adjustment. This is an inexpensive, maintenance-free alternative to traditional light sources.
  • Diode laser is maintenance-free and inexpensive to replace.
  • Intelligent Control System (ICS) and Intelligent Diagnostic System (IDT) monitoring of critical parameters supports the operator with a clear view of instrument performance and can automatically problem-solve most operational obstacles.
  • All current calibrations — Fat A, Fat B, protein (true and total) lactose, solids, SNF, pH, FFA, NPN-Calculated Urea, Cis/trans fatty acids, short-medium-long chain, mono and poly unsaturated, FPD, ketosis, adulterants — and all future calibrations are included with instrument, at no charge.

For more information on the Delta Instruments CombiScope FTIR 600, visit or call +1 781.320.9000.

About Advanced Instruments, Inc.

Advanced Instruments, Inc., and our subsidiaries, Delta Instruments and Mart® Microbiology, design and manufacture instrumentation for clinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microbiology, and food laboratories. Our quality brands include Spiral Biotech, Fiske Associates, and D & F Control Systems. The products we make help health care providers improve their quality of care, and industrial companies enhance their quality and productivity.

Advanced Instruments products are available from a worldwide distributor network. For more information on our products and services or to find your nearest distributor, visit us at or e-mail us at

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