Revenue Generation

As B2B and life science companies refocus on growth, new revenue generation strategies become critical to heighten demand for products and services. TW’s revenue generation model helps organizations fill sales pipelines and accelerate times to purchase while improving marketing efficiency and productivity.

Our process synthesizes best-practice technologies, tools, and tactics to create a holistic approach for sustained customer engagement and sales growth. In addition, it is highly efficient — maximizing resources and eliminating waste. This new model consists of five steps that operate as a continuous process:

Revenue Generation Model

TW’s five-step process provides a simple framework to organize the tactics and elements employed by most B2B marketing teams. It facilitates coordination and collaboration with the sales department, and bridges the gap that exists when leads are passed on for sales closure. In addition, the process helps simplify the application of today’s complex digital technologies — making it much easier to select the digital channels and analytics that support demand generation and revenue growth.

Our revenue generation process gives marketing leaders the opportunity to own and drive business results in a highly effective and measurable way. Now, CMOs can own out-of-period revenue and calculate their true contribution to the income statement.