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  • Five Steps to Implementing the Revenue Generation Process
    This paper explores the requirements for embracing and internalizing the revenue generation approach and outlines the five steps that create a framework for process implementation. You will learn how to evaluate organizational competence, plan the transformation, and execute the plan.

  • The Promise of the New Revenue Generation Process: Realizing the Potential for Growth
    This paper reviews the benefits of a new revenue generation process that fulfills these needs in ways that are easy to deploy, measurable, and compatible with present marketing practices. The paper explores how the process offers exceptional benefits across the buying cycle — from lead acquisition to sales conversion — when embraced by the organization and executed successfully.

  • Understanding the New Revenue Generation Process: How to Ignite Demand for Your B2B Brand
    The paper reviews how the revenue generation process builds initiatives around business outcomes, not marketing activities. It explores the way B2B marketers can blend process with technology to continually drive revenue in a highly measurable way.

  • Five B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013
    During 2013, B2B marketers will be confronted by new opportunities too great to be ignored. We see five trends that will offer exciting potential for those who harness their power. At Tiziani Whitmyre, we’re aggressively leveraging these new directions to support our clients’ marketing programs.

  • Performance Advertising: How Business-to-Business Marketers Can Benefit From A New Pay-For-Performance Strategy
    Performance advertising is an exciting new online marketing strategy based on an innovative pay-for-performance model. This strategy exceeds the capabilities of traditional advertising models for B2B and technology marketers focused on lead generation and demand creation. Key benefits are minimal risk, measurable real-time response, highly qualified leads, and payment only for results.

  • ROI Marketing 2.0: The Opportunity for Growth in a Recovering Economy
    Today’s marketers require an easy to implement process that employs powerful Internet-driven technologies to accelerate lead acquisition and increase conversion into sales. This paper outlines a highly-measurable, strategic marketing process called ROI Marketing. The process embraces the B2B prospect’s thirst for knowledge by using content marketing as a way to stimulate prospect response. It is organized around a four-step framework: Acquire, Nurture, Measure, Optimize.

  • The Five Deadly Sins of B2B Marketing
    B2B marketing is a difficult game. Faced with shrinking budgets and daunting competition, we search for new and creative strategies to take our brands to market. Sometimes along this journey, we lose our way; we make mistakes. Every marketer worth their laptop has committed some blunders. And from these failures came great learning experiences. We explore these marketing blind alleys in this white paper.