The Five
Deadly Sins of B2B Marketing

Have you committed these B2B marketing sins?

B2B marketing is a difficult game. Faced with shrinking budgets and daunting competition, we search for new and creative strategies to take our brands to market. Sometimes along this journey, we lose our way; we make mistakes. Every marketer worth their laptop has committed some blunders. And from these failures came great learning experiences. We explore these marketing blind alleys in a new white paper, entitled “The Five Deadly Sins of B2B Marketing.” The “sins” include:

• Forgetting about the audience
• Thinking tactics first, not strategy
• Overestimating the power of creative
• Underestimating the power of your web site
• Misunderstanding public relations

The paper probes the issues around each sin and suggests strategies that convert these transgressions into competitive advantage.

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