The Promise
of the New Revenue Generation Process

Realizing the Potential for Growth

Growth β€” it’s the elusive marketing goal. As chief marketing officers and their teams plan strategy for the future, they must overcome formidable obstacles to achieve success. These barriers include the digital disruption that has demolished the old buying process; strategy, tactics, and technology synthesis; and efficiency and cost reduction.

In a perfect world, B2B marketers want a new model that drives sustained growth and transforms their teams from cost centers to revenue producers. They want to shift the emphasis from marketing transactions to business outcomes, and measure those outcomes in ways that are meaningful to the C-suite.

This paper reviews the benefits of a new revenue generation process that fulfills these needs in ways that are easy to deploy, measurable, and compatible with present marketing practices. The paper explores how the process offers exceptional benefits across the buying cycle β€” from lead acquisition to sales conversion β€” when embraced by the organization and executed successfully.

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