Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Pay only for qualified sales leads.

As life sciences and B2B marketers expand their digital programs, they are embracing new targeted lead-generation vehicles that are measurable and performance-based.

These companies want web publishers who will carry advertising on a pay-for-performance basis.

Tiziani Whitmyre is among the first to offer clients a performance marketing channel built specifically to reach life sciences and B2B audiences. Our TW Networks division brings advertisers and web publishers together in mutually beneficial relationships based on a pay-for-performance model.

The more than 50 publishers in our network carry clients’ ads on their websites and e-newsletters without cost. When a visitor clicks on an ad link, registers for content, and generates a sales lead, the publisher receives a commission. The advertiser compensates the web publisher only when a desired action is achieved.

TW Networks assists clients in developing and implementing performance marketing programs. We handle every step of the performance marketing process.

  • Campaign development
  • Publisher recruitment
  • Sales lead validation
  • Creative services & web landing pages
  • Campaign analytics, measurement, & optimization
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